About Us

About Us

In a world where trust and honesty are far-fetched from reality, where the exceptions play as the norm and the truth is served in halves, many travelers have over the years encountered disappointments, deceit, fraud, lies and various unpleasant experiences at the hands of family and friends whom they trusted to carry out various services on their behalf.

It has mostly been that living abroad and looking for a reliable, accountable and dependable service provider back home has been an uphill task for many in the diaspora. This often requires many travelers to take the responsibility upon themselves. Some even travel in and out of the country to handle projects and see to other needs, wasting valuable time and resources. OKWANTUFO aims to change this narrative and bring back hope to the sojourner. We work round the clock with speed and accuracy to meet the desired goals of our clients. This vision was inspired by the constant dishonesty many travelers are served with when they are outside their home country.

OKWANTUFO DIASPORA SERVICES is a full service concierge provider in Ghana which aims at bridging the gap between travelers and their home country by offering a wide array of quality services to our clients. The core foundation of this brand is trust, and our service guarantee to our clients is meeting their expectations, within the agreed time frame.

  • We have a dynamic network of agents all over Ghana, ready to deliver our wide range of services to clients;
  • We take the time to understand each client in order to deliver a personalized service of the highest standard;
  • We appreciate the value of time, thus our services are delivered with speed and accuracy;
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality and offer this to all clients

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality and integrity based service solutions to our Diaspora clients which is cost effective, fast, reliable and applies current technology to deliver efficiency and transparency to all our stakeholders.


To be the company of choice for unrivaled stewardship to our clients in the diaspora.

Who are we?

We are your preferred organization that bridges the gap between the Diaspora and Africa with excellent service solutions.

Why Us?

  • ❖ We offer a safer, better and more affordable option
  • ❖ We offer accountability, independence and privacy.
  • ❖ Our extensive network allows us access to facilities and opportunities that the average person doesn’t.
  • ❖ We work all round the clock and with speed and accuracy for the mutual growth of clients projects.
  • ❖ We are reliable, trustworthy and integrity is our backbone.