Okwantufo Diaspora Services offer tailored solutions to meet your every need. We are a call away for further clarifications.

Each project is unique and different in its nature and implementation. So we always communicate the details and costs with our clients and agree on payment plans that will ensure flexibility and continuity to clients’ satisfaction.
Okwantufo is able to discuss the modalities of such an arrangement with the Client in order to understand and agree on terms, roles and responsibilities of each party.
Our service charges are dependent on type, nature and duration of services required.

No. You are not expected to pay any registration fees. You are only charged for services rendered to you.

With Okwantufo, we always work with our Clients and stay in regular communication with them. This means that we will always be aware of what is working well or otherwise with our Clients. This way we are able to ensure the highest level of quality and satisfaction until project completion.

If for any reason a client decides to terminate a contract, the company will apply a fee on the progression of the contract to date and refund or demand payment where necessary.
A client will get a refund if the project request has not started. In a case where progression has commenced on a request, there will be a partial refund where necessary.
As a company, we value integrity as a core pillar in our operations. So all our clients can be assured of ultimate privacy and confidentiality in our relationship with them.

No. Our services are opened to Ghanaians and Foreigners home or abroad who need them.